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If you're looking for Yami no Matsuei fanfiction, you're in the right place. ♥ Feel free to look around, read, comment (love feedback, who doesn't ;) - anonymous comments are turned on and very much welcome as well) and link others to it if you find what you see here to your liking. Some stories included here are nowhere else to be found. Scroll down to see the list of completed and upcoming fanfiction.


Currently Writing:

Rhea :: Is not really writing fanfic anymore, but hasn't definitively quit it either, so keep an eye out. Has also moved to original fiction, which might or might not result in publication a few lifetimes down the road.

Shan :: Doesn't seem to be interested in writing Yami anymore, unfortunately.

The Gravity series is, as of yet, incomplete. The menu to your left is divided into plotverses: Against the Wind, Gravity, and Other, which might or might not get a proper name in the future. The stories are indexed in the correct order.
      The Gravity list is also here.

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Completed stories: -newest first-
Updated: 07-13-07

- The Things Between [Rhea] :: Watari/Tatsumi [Light R] -complete, 12-07-07-
- Hands [Rhea] :: Touda, Tsuzuki [PG] -complete, 14-06-07-
- The Storm is in the Air [Shan] :: Watari/Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 04-05-06-
- Danse Macabre [Shan] :: Tatsumi [R] -complete, 01-18-06-
- Against the Wind [Rhea] Watari/Tatsumi [R] Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | -in progress-
- Quiet Embrace [Shan] :: Watari, Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 01-02-06-
- Entwined [Rhea] :: Watari/Tatsumi [NC-17] -complete, 12-30-05, NOT on FFN-
- Order of Precedence [Rhea] :: Watari/Tatsumi [R] -complete, 12-24-05, NOT on FFN-
- Where the Shadows Lie [Rhea] :: Watari/Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 12-20-05, NOT on FFN-
- First Kiss [Shan] :: Watari, Tatsumi [PG] -complete, 12-19-05-
- Dark Falls the Night [Alura] :: [Gravity XI] Watari/Tatsumi [R] -complete, 12-16-05, NOT on FFN-
- Hourglass [Rhea] :: Watari [PG] -complete, 12-16-05, NOT on FFN-
- Simple Rules [Rhea] :: Watari/Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 12-13-05-
- Running [Shan] :: Watari [G] -complete, 11-29-05-
- Absit Omen [Rhea] :: Watari [PG-13] Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 -complete, 10-24-05-
- P.S. Before I Fall [Rhea] :: [Gravity III] Watari -complete, 10-20-05-
- Morning Coffee [Rhea] :: Watari/Tatsumi [PG] -complete, 10-7-05-
- Lovelorn [Shan] :: [Gravity IV] Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 9-29-05, NOT on FFN-
- De Profundis [Rhea & Shan] :: [Gravity VI] Watari, Tatsumi -complete, 9-17-05, NOT on FFN-
- The Last Entry [Shan] :: [Gravity II] Tatsumi, Watari [R] -complete, 9-7-05, NOT on FFN-
- Brittle Glass [Rhea] :: [Gravity I] Watari [R] -complete, 8-29-05, NOT on FFN-
- Twelve O'clock [Rhea] :: [Gravity XII] Watari/Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 8-25-05-
- Paper Wings [Rhea] :: [Gravity XIV] Watari/Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 8-22-05-
- Wish [Rhea] :: [Gravity X] Watari/Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 8-19-05-
- Desperado [Rhea] :: Watari, Tatsumi [PG-13] -complete, 7-14-05-

Upcoming stories:

The Gravity series on (probably) permanent hiatus.


[fic] The Things Between [Watari/Tatsumi]
Uh, hi. :D Name's Rhea and I'm a YnM ficoholic. The last time I wrote Tatari and posted it here was back in January 2006. I thought I was cured, but...

oh, to he---Meifu with it. Ficlet for aluragayle and jtriskell. Please enjoy.

Title: The Things Between
Author: Rhea Logan
Pairing: Watari/Tatsumi
Rating: Light R
Wordcount: 2,300 words
Genre: Romance, humor, character study, you name it.
Status: One shot, complete.

Music: Neverending White Lights :: Littlepiece

Set friendship on fire and it will erupt, pull its victims into a whirlwind of change.Collapse )

[fic] Hands [Touda, Tsuzuki]
Errrm, so no, I didn't really just write a Yami ficlet. Nope. This is an illusion - move along, move along.

...okay, I did. Disclaimer: I haven't written Yami since December 2005, I haven't written fic since August 2006, I haven't written much of anything since February. >.> Therefore, you'll have to forgive me this. :P Got a once-over, unbetaed, written for Amanda. Because she asked, because I love her, and because it was easier than Good Omens, which I would have butchered. ♥ And no, it's not a Tatari. Gasp.

Title: Hands [June 14th, 2007]
Author: Rhea
Prompt: "Something with Shikigami" from Amanda.
Rating: PG
Word Count: 610

Touda dreams in shades of gray: murky and thick like the air in his old prison.Collapse )

[fic] The Storm is in the Air
Title: The Storm is in the Air
Author: Shan
Prompt: Storm.070
Rating: PG-13 (language)
Word Count: 1,547
Progress: 6/100
Status: One-shot. Complete.
Summary: Even a perfect couple can't avoid quarrels and sometimes an explosion is unavoidable.

Author's Notes: This story has been sitting on my HDD since February x_x; I finally decided that I won't make it any better than it is, so here you go. I hope it's all right ^^ Big thanks to enchanter for beta on this puppy ^^ ::chuu::

Storm is in the AirCollapse )

[drabble] Downfall ::Tatsumi
Title: Downfall
Author: Shan
Prompt: Why.080
Rating: R (implies violence and other nasty things)
Word Count: 84
Progress: 6/100

DownfallCollapse )

[fic] Danse Macabre :: Tatsumi
Title: Danse Macabre
Author: Shan
Prompt: Death.023
Rating: R (graphic images, violence, angst)
Word Count: 5,406
Progress: 5/100
Status: One-shot. Complete.
Summary: "It felt like some wicked danse macabre, with him as the main character."

Author's Notes: Tatsumi only, no Watari (for the obvious reasons). I wanted to write a short backstory!fic, but it somehow grew out to be quite a long!fic >.<;;; FYI: this is not canon, but rather my take on what could have happened. Huge thanks to enchanter for patiently plowing through the mistakes I've made while writing it and to aluragayle for some insightful discussion on the historical topics.

Music :: Antimatter - In stone

Danse MacabreCollapse )

[drabble] All or Nothing [Tatari]
Title: All or Nothing
Author: Rhea Logan
Rating: PG
Pairing: Watari/Tatsumi
Wordcount: 100 without the title
Note: Written for fuda_100 challenge.

He was anything and everything, in Tatsumi's eyes. Worth as much as the number of his tears divided by counter-smiles; as much as the sum of his passion, curiosity, his drive to succeed.

He could be all or nothing; Tatsumi's equation of two and two of his partner's antics failed to return the expected result. He clung to his reason, yet lived ready to slide down the slippery slope of madness - just to see what was there.

Unyielding, Watari was strong enough to pull them both down that road. Tatsumi didn't mind. They could have been there all along.

[drabble] Confession :: Tatari
Title: Confession
Author: Shan
Prompt: Lovers.023
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 100
Progress: 4/100
Status: A drabble. Complete. One-shot.

Author's Notes: Yes, instead of writing something longer and plotverse-related, I whipped out a short drabble. Hmmm... Oh well :P Dedicated to my Beloved ^^

Nothing surprised Tatsumi about his relationship with Watari. Not anymore.

As that slender body slid into their bed, he habitually put his arms around his partner. He felt the hot breath tickle his neck as he ran his fingers over Watari's back. No words needed, he provided that simple caress for his lover after a long day of working on a difficult case.

"I love you," he heard a whisper, soon followed by subtle snoring.

The three words they had never exchanged before. After seven years together, Watari still managed to surprise him.

"I love you, too," he breathed back.

Against the Wind :: Chapter Eleven
Title: Against the Wind
Author: Rhea Logan
Rating: PG-13
Genre: drama/angst/suspense
Status: Chapter Eleven
Summary: [Sequel to Absit Omen & Desperado] Brilliant minds don't go unnoticed, Watari learned after his death. Pulled into the Mother Project soon after, he let his ambition loose. Thirty years have passed, the deal is long gone. But is it? Enma believes otherwise.

Note: This chapter explains a lot, but at the same time, it makes references to Absit Omen (the prequel story to Against the Wind).

The music:
Lisa Gerrard - Marantha
Sarah McLachlan - Angel
Theater of Tragedy - Angelique

Against the Wind, Chapter ElevenCollapse )

[fic] Quiet Embrace :: Tatsumi/Watari
Title: Quiet Embrace
Author: Shan
Prompt: Touch.038
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,353
Progress: 3/100
Status: Short-story, complete. Another Gravity spin-off; continuation of First Kiss.
Summary: As promised, Tatsumi returns at night to tell Watari goodnight.

Author's Notes: Very belated, but this is a X-mas fic for nausicaa83 =^.^= ::squeeze::
Big thanks to my better half, Rhea, for beta ^.^

Music - Sarah McLachlan :: Angel

Quiet EmbraceCollapse )

Entwined :: Tatari, NC-17
Title: Entwined
Author: Rhea Logan
Pairing: Watari/Tatsumi
Rating: NC-17, for explicit sex and a bit of bondage
Status: One-shot
Summary: Chocolate, wine, and the holiday season – there is nothing more Watari needs to carry out his plans.

Note: This is a (rather late) Christmas story for jtriskell - because she rocks. Best wishes, dear! ♥

EntwinedCollapse )

Order of Precedence :: Tatari, R
Title: Order of Precedence
Author: Rhea Logan
Pairing: Watari/Tatsumi
Rating: R, for Tatari fun in the shower. :P
Status: One-shot
Summary: For a dedicated man, work should always come first.

Note: This is a gift for my better half, Shan. Merry Christmas, Love. ♥

Order of PrecedenceCollapse )

Where the Shadows Lie :: Tatari, one-shot
Title: Where the Shadows Lie
Author: Rhea Logan
Pairing: Watari/Tatsumi
Rating: PG-13
Status: One-shot
Summary: Long hair can be a nuisance... or a good way to get what Watari wants.
The music:
Savatage - Labirynths

Note: So, my dearest Shan cursed this into existence when she wrote her AU of the Gravity plotverse. This is yet another Gravity spin-off, and it would fall some two days before De Profundis. It happened because yours truly was in need of Tatari fluff. :P Guilty as charged. I don't write those often, but when I do... well, see for yourself. ^.^

Where the Shadows LieCollapse )

[fic] First Kiss :: Watari, Tatsumi
Title: First Kiss
Author: Shan
Prompt: 039.Taste
Rating: PG
Pairing: Watari, Tatsumi (pre-relationship)
Word Count: 870
Progress: 2/100
Music: Machine Head - The Burning Red
Summary: After a night of nightmares and pain, it's time for recovery.

Author's Notes: For anybody who is not familiar with the Gravity plotverse, this could be a little confusing. Technically, it would go right after The Last Entry, but this short fic is an AU (alternate universe). It's still sweet so I hope everybody will enjoy the read.

Beta - as always - done by my one and only Love =^.^= What would I do without her? :P Yes, yes... I'd die miserably, I know :P

Ps. I wrote it for a challenge I'm doing in my personal journal ^.^ So far there are only two fics, but oh well ;)

First KissCollapse )

Title: Dark Falls the Night
Author: Alura
Rating: light R for some descriptions
Pairing: Watari/Tatsumi
Genre: romance/general
Status: Direct continuation of Wish. Part XI of the Gravity series.

Summary: …if he let go of the illusion of his existence…then, would he finally be part of him, part of Tatsumi?

The music: “Dark Falls the Night” – Tim Wheater, “All That We Perceive” – Thievery Corporation, “Kiseki” – Kenji Nojima, “Tooi Hi no Kizuato” (Piano) – Takumi Masanori, “Gravity” – Maaya Sakamoto.

Dark Falls the NightCollapse )